It’s been a few days since my last post, primarily because I have thrown myself into work. After spending a few days reflecting upon feeling increasingly dissatisfied (aka grumpy) in my career, I determined that it was up to me to either choose to be satisfied or to depart from my current role expeditiously. I realized that while my role may no longer be ideally suited for me, I could alter my perception by practicing gratitude in the day-to-day, which has brought more contentment and allowed me to see the positives that my work provides. 

In order to achieve our goal of early retirement, changing careers at this point would not be wise. I was contributing to my misery by dwelling and attracting more negative, as opposed to focusing and be thankful (and attracting more of) the positive. I sat down and wrote out a 30 day “attitude of gratitude” and results-oriented turnaround plan to help guide my steps toward revising my mental perspective on my job. Having a plan of action always makes me feel somewhat relieved; I only have to follow the steps, keep my head in the game, and remember to smile and be thankful for all the blessings in my life – including my imperfect job. 
Relieved | The Daily Post


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