Quitting Time?

I’ve been struggling more and more lately with becoming increasingly dissatisfied at my job. I won’t go into specifics of my career, but I think the fact that I just spent a week locked in a convention center box for the bi-annual hurrah and feeling no joy, excepting for the company of the truly lovely people I work with, has hurdled me closer to the resignation edge. It isn’t anything anyone said or has done, it’s just I feel I have nothing left to contribute in my role. As I said earlier, I feel no joy from my work. I try to find it, and it just isn’t there. It’s totally me – it’s not the job for the most part. I just don’t fit in the role anymore.

Here’s an article I read tonight that gives me a clear indication that yes, my time is nigh. I’m setting a goal date of January 5, 2018 to tender my resignation. This date is chosen because it is after the holidays, will be before the next big corporate meeting terror, will allow my manager, who I respect, to enjoy her downtime stress free, and will allow me about 6 months to save save save and develop my plan of action. Luckily, this time, my choice will not be driven by the money, but will be something I actually want to do. What that is yet, I am not sure, but I have begun my vision board to help guide my way to making this a reality.

I will be embarking upon a two day water/juice/coffee/tea fast (no solid food) to detox from the meeting and vision-quest. Did I mention the meeting was in Las Vegas? I really dislike Las Vegas. Sorry for those Vegas fans out there. It’s just not my cup of tea. Time to go make a hot caffeine free cup, and begin to cleanse my body and mind for the heavy thinking and prayer. 


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