Nothing is permanent

Sometimes people become well known due to a mistake. A once quiet life can become notorious overnight, as many others sit on the sidelines whispering and opining on the should’ves, could’ves, and would’ves of the situation. Having made some whopper mistakes myself, I live outside the margins of society to serve in love steadfastly, as opposed to piling on hurt. It’s so easy to judge others…until you are the other. Once you are the other, the loneliness and isolation can be overwhelming. Conversations that were once natural become strained; you wonder if everything you say will later become fodder for more gossip.

Learning to trust yourself again, after creating your own minefield, is rough. It takes courage to avoid perpetual residence in your own shell. You have to get over you; trust that any other strategy is futile. Let go of your pride, which probably got you in the mess in the first place, and allow for time and forgiveness to do their work. It’s normal to shy away from public view for a while, but it cannot be a permanent solution. Becoming notorious is a rite of passage, and sometimes earned the hard way. Becoming victorious, in the face of negativity, is the stuff of grit.









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