via Daily Prompt: Qualm,

What is lying? I ask this question to provoke thought. As defined by, the traditional form of lying is: “to lie =df to make a believed-false statement to another person with the intention that the other person believe that statement to be true”. After browsing their website, I realized that there is an entire philosophical school devoted to the concept of a lie; an infinite palette devoted to gray.

Being a person geared to wandering thought, I considered the element of qualm. Does that queasy feeling many of us experience, after delivering a lie or facing a consequence, give us an internal indication that we overstepped some universal property of honesty versus deception? Is it the Holy Spirit speaking; God within us? It seems that some people, i.e. sociopaths, are devoid of qualms. Does qualm reside within our DNA and is broken in those missing the sensation? Or are we all born with the ability to develop qualm, only to have it beaten (literally in some cases) out of us by our environment? Since I typically feel no qualms delivering a pretty little white lie, does that mean the lie is okay in its context? Or am I a bit sociopathic? So much to ponder, so little time.

I think from now on, I will be searching more diligently for any precursory “red flags”. The qualm before the qualm.


2 thoughts on “Pretty Little White Lies

  1. The qualm before the qualm. – love how you ended it. You’re right, why no qualm with little white lies? We need to watch ourselves more closely because a little lie is the same size as a big one. I feel a blog post coming on about this😀. Great Post!


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