I have been on a mission. A mission to permanently end the clutter that amasses in our home. I am definitely no hoarder. I have always been a “love it or lose it” mentality with stuff, however, recently I have amped up the game and become more critical of the sheer number of items around the house. For example, yesterday I decided to cull out the kitchenwares using a rapid fire, on-the-spot decision. I tore through cabinets as fast as possible and ended up with two large bins of items to immediately take to Goodwill. In collaboration with my spouse, we parted with fourteen acrylic margarita glasses (😂), many unused serving pieces that have more appealing versions around the house, odds and ends, candles, and one unused appliance to try to sell. We also poured some mystery liquors down the drain and reduced our overall cache of mixers and liquid bliss.  I culminated the process with finally posting a few more previously herded and corralled items on Craigslist, with a total potential sales figure of about $300. All of that action took about an hour, plus a quick 20 minute trip to Goodwill to extricate the items as soon as possible.  I have also begun uploading our large joint CD collection to iCloud, to then sell or donate the CDs. I recently went through some old photos and shredded the grainy ones, any duplicates, and ones that were just a hodgepodge and sparked no memory in particular. Someday I may scan these and eliminate this paper too…one thing at a time…a little bit each day. I even have some children’s magazines to donate to our church preschool for clipping projects. Tonight, I plan to tackle, with speed, the ever expanding junk drawer, as well as create a newly designated home for all the various batteries and light bulbs in the emptied kitchen storage area(s).

What I find is, the more we get rid of stuff, the less stress I feel. When I open a cabinet that is more empty than full, it makes me feel light and free as opposed to harried and heavy.  I’ve read about various methods for accomplishing the purging process. My preferred method for now is the one above (move fast and without emotion), but this style it isn’t for someone who has a tough time parting with things. I’m not overly attached to much of anything material, but I can get passive and allow things to accumulate much to my chagrin. Once I finish the rapid fire process (just a few more areas to go), I might use the Konmari approach to really get down to the brass and beautifully organize what remains. Would love to hear anyone’s thoughts on decluttering, minimizing (especially with kids), and living a more “airy” lifestyle.



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