Wriggling Earthworms

     In our back yard, we had an enormous water oak with a crack in its lovely bifurcated trunk. This particular tree had enormous branches; its canopy covered much of the south facing exposures of our roof. A few years prior, we had the canopy cabled with steel, in an attempt to prolong the inevitable: the tree would either one day come crashing down onto our home and yard in a destructive manner or the tree would come down under the controlled whir of chainsaws.  In the spring of last year, the sad reality struck as the fissure had noticeably deepened. I had the tree company leave us 6 logs from the tree to use around a makeshift fire pit in the backyard. Last summer moved too quickly; two of the larger logs sat in our driveway. The other four made their way around the swingset for the kids to jump across, like the vintage video game Pitfall and its crocodile pond challenge. 

     Today I decided it was time to put in the summer garden, as the last weak chill of winter lost its grip last night. We now have 4 cucumber, 2 cherry tomato, 2 big boy tomato, 4 bell pepper, 2 basil, 1 green onion, and 3 strawberry plants ready to begin growth and production; a small urban garden that will hopefully yield enough fresh produce for summer salads, and perhaps some homemade pickles with a bumper cucumber harvest. After the task was complete, I decided to call the strong man out of the house to finally roll the logs from last spring into place for the fire pit. As we heaved the 2 large logs up and away from their year-long resting place in the concrete drive, I was delighted to find over 30 wriggling earthworms, exposed from their comfortable warmth among the accumulated detritus. I scooped them up gently, and transported them to the freshly planted garden to work their magic with the soil. 

And then I smiled and thanked God for His grand design.

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