Where’s my….omg omg omg 

The late morning light fuzzing through your eyelids, as you awaken from a night that went much longer than you anticipated, burns inside the head attached to shoulders, that you realize are yours, as it throbs to life. You roll onto your back and try to piece together the events that transpired, when you notice your steady companion isn’t beside you; ready to help jar your memory. You shuffle the sheets about, not wanting to move too much but, hoping to find your friend there tangled in the covers after a wee hours session – with whom you have no idea. You muster up the strength to wobble about your bedroom or coffee table or wherever it is you landed, searching gingerly, to avoid rattling the aching cage. As your pillaging becomes more and more frantic, the sweat drenching through your stale t-shirt, a familiar series of tones beckon you with a sense of zen calm. No longer panicked, you shuffle toward the sound, finding your lost love nestled next to cold pizza and frosty cola. The anxiety subsides as you flick your friend to life, only to have the panic resume again as your scroll through the hours old past.


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