In my post yesterday, I discussed my love affair with Starbucks. During my fasting analysis, I discovered that we had spent over $400 with Starbucks since January 2017. That’s $1200+ dollars a¬†year! ¬†We also have an easy and convenient Keurig Vue, which requires special little pods that cost around $30 per month for our moderate coffee drinking habits. So we need another option. A way to make delicious coffee at home without an expensive machine. ¬†Traditional drip machines just don’t appeal to me; I feel I’m wasting coffee every day making¬†a¬†large pot and it’s just “meh”. ¬†I looked into purchasing refillable cups for the Vue…but most reviews were poor. Reports of clogging up the machine making it permanently unusable are common (might sell it along with my totally unused juicer).

I finally settled on a Secura Stainless French Press. The hubs works pretty close¬†to our local Trader Joe’s, so I asked him if he would go and find some ¬†medium to dark roast whole bean coffee for my first experiment. ¬†I also bought a small¬†Krups coffee and spice grinder¬†to freshly grind the beans each morning. My total spend on our refreshed coffee consumption method was about $57 (to include the coffee beans).

This¬†morning I filled the charming whistling tea kettle (which we already owned and was rarely used) with water and placed it on to boil. I coarsely ground 6 tablespoons of Trader Joe’s Costa Rican Tarrazu Medium Dark Roast and placed them in the bottom of the French Press. I wet them a bit to start the bloom while the water boiled (little tip I read online) and then poured the boiling water on top, a bit more than 3/4 to the top, in the press. I capped the press and waited four minutes, during which time I prepped a late¬†breakfast for everyone. After 4 minutes, ¬†I uncapped the pot, gave a gentle stir, recapped it, and pressed the plunger. With two large mugs at the ready, I decanted a rich, smooth, perfectly brewed coffee. I’ve been missing out. French Press coffee is good. Sure it’s a little more work, but well worth it to stop the annual coffee cash bleed and actually drink a far better cup of coffee. And I found the process rather soothing. Rewarding. Was it the whistling ūüėô of the kettle? Hmmm….maybe I’ll go make another pot…..

So how much will this save us per year? I need to go get my calculator and determine the price per ‚ėēÔłŹ. No matter….it’s probably over $1,000.


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