Apparently, we like to spend 💰

Over the last few days, I’ve fasted and analyzed and been shocked. We are not very thrifty people – I thought I might be somewhat but NOPE!

I’m not a person who spends money on high end purses or shoes or things I view as extravagant, however, I might as well be because we’re spending plenty of money on…well…nothing!!! A few personal shockers to share, in no particular order…

  1. Since January 1, 2017 Starbucks has received $434.01. Now – don’t get me wrong here – I love Starbucks. I love a Bacon Gouda sandwich and a tall triple caramel macchiato with almond milk. Just thinking about it makes me sigh. But…do I love it enough spend $100/mo? Wha?? I hate to say it, but I need to trim my visits down to once a week.  That would be about $40/mo. If my kids jump on and want a vanilla bean Frappucino or a tall decaf white chocolate mocha, I will say no every other time.  And wait…there’s more…Keurig! $30 a month over the last year. Between Keurig and Starbucks, we’re parting ways with about $1500 a year. That’s some serious caffeine dysfunction. I think it’s time for a revamp on the daily grind…pun intended. ☕️
  2. The landscaping service. I love coming home to a freshly mowed lawn and clean driveway. No weeds to pull, no leaves or pollen thingys on the driveway…fertilization done, aerated at just the right times. Drum roll…..$230 a month. $2760 per year. These guys have done a great job, but between our coffee dysfunction and the landscaping service, I’ve found $4,000+. So basically we could apply an extra $300/mo toward our HELOC pest. Back to DIY lawn care. Time to master the art of the French press.
  3. Amazon. Okay – I’m not even going to admit how much we spent with Amazon last year, or even year to date. I will admit that I need to stop and think before clicking the magical drop it at our door button.  I love Amazon Prime. I love subscribe and save. I just need to click less!!

These are my top three cut backs to get started on TheMoneyFast. The first goal – to name these dollars differently – is to eliminate our HELOC so that we only owe on our mortgage. We have some stock we can sell to speed it up, however, the trading window isn’t currently open and also take a capital gains hit. Tax fun, not. But – we would free up $1300/mo plus (the current HELOC payment) plus the extra few hundred reclaimed (about $300/mo) above to then stash into brokerage. Let’s see what else I can find….


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